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Improving Patient Outcomes: healthR's Integration with Cerner and Epic Brings New Possibilities

Updated: Feb 10

The healthcare industry is experiencing a significant transformation, and the integration of technology is one of the driving factors behind this change.  Jas Singh, the founder and lead coder of healthR,  has led a major breakthrough in the industry by integrating with two of the leading electronic health record (EHR) vendors, Cerner and Epic. This integration has made it possible for healthR to access Continuity of Care Documents (CDAs) from healthcare providers that allow patient access to records via patient portals.

CDAs are a complete snapshot of a patient's medical history when they are transferred from one care setting to another. By gaining access to this information, HealthR can provide more personalized care to patients and improve the stickiness of the service by allowing for further insights that may have otherwise been unavailable or require human interaction and associated costs. The integration will also enhance the workflow, maximizing efficiency, and allowing for the provision of more personalized care.

Akaash Singh, CEO for healthR stated, "We're super excited about how this can further help and support patients and our partners!" The integration will further improve the quality of care for patients and reduce costs associated with obtaining medical records. 

The integration of healthR with Cerner and Epic is a significant step forward in healthcare technology. This advancement will enable healthcare providers to access critical patient information and provide better personalized care. 

healthR is a company that offers a range of solutions, from basic apps to complex telehealth and care management solutions. Its primary objective is to enable healthcare providers to build world-class healthcare solutions that improve patient outcomes using insights from real-time data. The company uses data from wearable technologies to improve lives and patient outcomes.

The healthR portal is a platform that clinicians use to collate and display patients' data, creating actionable insights, and empowering them to manage patients remotely while providing personalized care to improve patient outcomes. The portal is a graphical, intuitive longitudinal analysis of collected remote patient monitoring (RPM) data that clinicians can use to attain insight, identify trends, and calculate suggestions for preventative measures to improve health outcomes. Clinicians can also do video consultations with their patients, all without using an app! Simply send a request to the patient from the platform, and they can join the consultation.

The healthR API can power a wide range of apps and solutions, from basic fitness apps to life insurance apps to the company's very own remote patient monitoring/telehealth solution. HealthR enables developers to build best-in-class, innovative digital health and wellness applications/solutions that improve healthcare.

The company supports integration with popular health devices and apps such as Fitbit, Biostrap, Withings, Apple Health, Oura Ring, Google Fit, Garmin, iHealth, Omron, Polar, Strava, Keto-Mojo, Corsano Health, and others. HealthR offers a cloud-based API, and the company can help developers implement prebuilt integration libraries into their environment or app directly.

healthR provides a secure health data storage platform for app developers and device manufacturers, enabling the creation of more innovative health and wellness solutions using data from various sources. The Voice API allows for better patient-doctor interactions using voice to store consultation notes, while the Vision API supports Optical Character Recognition and Medical Concept detection to extract text and classify it accordingly. These new features enhance the capabilities of healthR's platform for EHR vendors and digital health services.  

healthR also offers customization services, helping developers build predictive health insight algorithms based on longitudinal data using machine learning. This enables platforms to provide more personalized care to patients, identifying potential medical issues and intervening before a patient’s medical problem becomes serious.

healthR's integration with Cerner and Epic is a significant step forward for healthcare tech.  Dr. Anthony Russell, healthR's CMO, stated "Integrating with two of the largest EHRs in the US will enhance the care our partners can provide for their patients every day through via access to care plans in CDA format for optimized remote patient monitoring."  By accessing CDAs, healthR can provide more personalized appropriate care to patients, enhance remote patient monitoring, and reduce costs associated with obtaining medical records. Also their reseller program is growing, making it easy for US based partners to get involved.  healthR is making a difference one life at a time.


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