Remote Patient Monitoring

healthR Portal is a leading remote patient monitoring platform that uses data from wearable technologies to provide actionable insights to improve lives and patient outcomes. Clinicians use our portal to manage patients, and our wearable API allows developers to build innovative digital health applications.

Chronic Care Management with Wearable API Remote Patient Monitoring

Product Features

We are so excited and proud of our product.

Wearable API

We support integration with popular health devices and apps such as Fitbit, Biostrap, Withings, Apple Health, Oura Ring, Google Fit, Garmin, iHealth, Omron, Polar, Strava, Keto-Mojo, Corsano Health, and others. You can use our cloud-based API or we can help you implement our prebuilt integration libraries into your environment / app directly.

Clinician Portal

healthR Portal is a graphical, intuitive longitudinal analysis of collected RPM data that the clinician can use to attain insight, identify trends, and calculate suggestions for preventative measures to improve health outcomes. Clinicians can also do video consultations with their patients, all without using an app! Simply send a request to the patient from the platform and then they join!

Data Platform

As well as being able to connect to a wide range of wearable devices and apps, healthR is also a secure health data storage platform. This allows app developers and device manufacturers to use healthR as their core data platform for devices and apps.

Voice API

The healthR Voice API is designed to allow better patient and doctor interactions using voice as a mechanism to store consultation notes. Voice is an API first voice storage and transcription service that allows EHR vendors and Digital Health services to build voice interactions into their offerings to allow health professionals to easier record and access consultations with their patients. The service transcribes and performs medical concept detection for easy integration into medical records.

Vision API

healthR now supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Medical Concept detection via our new Vision API. You can now upload images containing text (prescriptions, medical notes, readings from non connected devices) and the API will return the text from the image along with all associated medical concepts (classification of text)


We can also help develop predictive health insight algorithms based on longitudinal data using Machine Learning. Talk to us today about your specific requirements.

Connect With Your Patients Using A Single API

Helping healthcare providers utilise patients' wearable health data to improve lives.

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